Who and what is totel.ly Human? Come join us.

Our in-person events and online tools are focused on your local community experience:

We’re on a mission to connect individuals with themselves, each other, and their local place.

We are passionate about community building and supporting the quiet leaders who bring people together in a deeply meaningful way.

We are guided in all our activities with our 3 Pillars:

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Our offerings

Our model includes both in-person experiences and technology tools that are an extension of our real-world connections - not a replacement.

icon Experiences


We offer in-person experiences that include events like our Exchange Fairs, Retreats and Nature immersions.

icon Tools for Community Facilitators

Tools for Community Facilitators

Our facilitator platform (coming soon!) will include event planning & facilitation tools, an Exchange Fair (OANM), and community development tools.

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Our courses and education material are designed to connect you to the 3 pillars.

Exchange Fair

Connect with your community to exchange passions, knowledge, skills, and resources.

Our signature events are the Exchange Fairs based on the process called the Offers and Needs Market. It is a two-hour interactive gathering where you'll connect with others to share and discover passions, skills, and community offerings. It's a facilitated experience of engagement and reflection, designed to uncover the unique value each participant brings.

"Save money and the planet!"

I recently came across the concept of OARE. I have always been interested in bartering. I think it's a great way to save money and get what you want and need for a reasonable price.

"Simply amazing!"

You list what you have and what you need, and you set your price. Then, you find someone who has what you want and need and you make an offer on their list. Simply amazing!

"The world needs more of this!"

I traded a few items for blueberry muffins, and I've made a few things from other people's stuff, but I've also bought "The world needs more of this!" something in return. It's a great concept, the world needs more of this!

Meet the totel.ly team members.

The totel.ly team exists out of a group of individuals who are aligned with the same mission:

sharing expertise and making the future a brighter and sustainable place.

Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan

Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan

CEO & Co-Founder

Geoffrey Stekelenburg

Geoffrey Stekelenburg

CTO & Co-Founder

Diana Bobocu

Diana Bobocu

Iceland community weaver & UX Designer

Dumitrita Simion

Dumitrita Simion

European Community Weaver & Project manager

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