Where earth is common ground.

Totel.ly is an online community platform creating real-world connections in your local area. We make it easier to be better humans, better neighbours, and better caretakers of our local regions.

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Who and what is totel.ly for? Explore for yourself.

Our online community platform is focused on local experience and environment: meeting our neighbours, knowing about events to participate in - discovering and participating in local projects, community organizations and our village marketplace: where we can make offers and requests for food items, household items, skills, knowledge, and clothes.

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Neighborhood Community Platform

We’re on a mission to bring back our local area, as the best place to be. All our features are designed to bring your local neighbourhood to life.

Who is totel.ly for?

Those that are looking for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle - those that want to take care of nature and build good relationships with their neighbors.

What makes us different?

We reward those who put effort into making stuff happen in their local region. We give out tokens (Roots) in exchange for your doings. You can then use Roots within the totel.ly ecosystem. Get a free month of subscription, exchange with other totellers, donate to an NGO, or use it at local businesses.

We are on a mission.

We believe technology can be utilized as an extension of real-world connections - rather than a replacement.

icon Learning Models

Learning Models

Learning models that reduce screen time while encouraging real-life interactions.

icon Real-World Connections

Real-World Connections

Extending real-world connections, using regenerative favored technology.

icon Membership Driven

Membership Driven

Membership-driven, where private data is highly respected.

icon Trust & Safety

Trust & Safety

Designed for a trustworthy and safe online environment.

icon Local Bioregions

Local Bioregions

From neighborhoods to bioregions, we put our emphasis on place-based relevance.

icon Regenerative Technology

Regenerative Technology

Our foundational tech, Neurotic, uses the least amount of energy possible within the processing requirements.

Offers and needs market.

Connect with your community to exchange passions, knowledge, skills, and more at an Offers and Needs Market (OANM).

The OANM is a 2-hour guided process that is a fun and effective way to connect, get more comfortable expressing your offers and needs and begin conversations with other participants.

Our OANM-Events are available throughout Iceland, on location or online.

offers and needs market

"Save money and the planet!"

I recently came across the concept of OANM. I have always been interested in bartering. I think it's a great way to save money and get what you want and need for a reasonable price.

"Simply amazing!"

You list what you have and what you need, and you set your price. Then, you find someone who has what you want and need and you make an offer on their list. Simply amazing!

"The world needs more of this!"

I traded a few items for blueberry muffins, and I've made a few things from other people's stuff, but I've also bought something in return. It's a great concept, the world needs more of this!

Meet the totel.ly team members.

The totel.ly team exists out of a group of individuals who are aligned with the same mission: sharing expertise and making the future a brighter and sustainable place.

Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan

Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan

CEO & Co-Founder

Ólafur Aron Sveinsson

Ólafur Aron Sveinsson

CLO & Co-Founder

Geoffrey Johannes

Geoffrey Johannes

CTO & Co-Founder

Vitaliia Kalmutska

Vitaliia Kalmutska


Stijn Huiskes

Stijn Huiskes


Diana Bobocu

Diana Bobocu

UX Designer